Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gun Safety in our Homes.

Is teaching our kids gun safety the answer?

To me, teaching gun safety is like teaching water safety, stranger safety, dating safety, playground safety, driving, etc. You cannot control every circumstance of your child's life, but you can help prepare them for those circumstances by deliberately teaching them safety rules and your standards of behavior. This is part of our job as parents. It isn't the school's job, and we can't expect teachers to teach our kids these things. God trusted us we these kids and it is our responsibility to teach them and the tools to protect them. 

These recent tragedies that have happen here in Washington State have been disturbing to the public.  The first reaction to the situations is to make more restrictions on guns and how they are obtained.  I think that only the responsible gun owners will oblige by them and will not reach those who truly need the help.  The instances of kids in grade schools getting shot or finding a gun in the glove-box are all due to ignorant people who are careless with their weapons.  The accidents are due to people being ignorant and those who go on a killing spree have been reaching out prior.  Our system does not need to be harder to obtain a gun but educating the public and officials to look for people that may be disturbed or reaching out.

I applaud the Seattle Police Department on how quickly they were able to reach the killing spree suspect yesterday.  With technology police officers were able to get the descriptions on their cellular devices.   This help locate the suspect but when doing so  he took his own life.  With technology I believe that these instances are resolved faster.  Now the solution is to stop these instances from happening.  I believe this is like I mentioned earlier by educating our young ones.  For the ones who are disturbed in almost every case they had a past record and were not treated to the full before being released back into the public.

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