Friday, June 1, 2012

Dad Taking on the Kitchen

Are we better Cooks?

Dads are starting to take over the kitchen.  Blogs such as Cooking for Dads by Rob Barrett have given hopes for those who are starting to find their talents in the kitchen.  There are several recipes out there for fathers who just want to experiment.  It is a great opportunity to teach your children a talent that will help them survive and save money. 

 Kids Cooking with Dad

In addition to being fun, your kitchen is also one of the most valuable places for kids to learn in your house from the moment your baby can sit up. Colors shapes and numbers are all there waiting to challenge your child each step of the way. Babies will pass up their fancy toys every time for a chance to match up pots and lids or stack plastic containers. Toddlers love to "sort" silverware and fold napkins into triangles. Next time you need 60 marshmallows for Rice Krispie treats, have your preschooler count out 6 groups of 10 marshmallows each and teach fractions with sticks of butter.

Older Kids helping Dad

Older kids will learn basics of science when they knead dough and stir sauces. And there is the all important lesson that cooking is accomplished with all the senses. As dinner is brewing, talk about the smells, sounds, textures and appearance of the food being transformed. Your children will then taste with a new appreciation, especially if they've had a hand in making dinner.

Warning Men Cooking!

I believe that not all of the time things work out in the kitchen for us men.  We seem to make a mess due to our lack of multitasking. I believe that in the kitchen we are willing to take more risk.  This is why some of the top chefs are men.  My father-in-law is always trying to add something to his meals that he cooks.  Over the years he has mastered several meals with his own recipes not Betty Crocker’s.  This is just some of the benefits of having us men in the kitchen. 

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