Saturday, June 2, 2012

Did Ken loose his Man Card to Barbie?

Making it worth the Hassle for Dads.

Stay-at-home dads now have Web sites, support groups and an annual convention.  They are showing up in "Mommy and Me" classes and PTA meetings.  Many men restrooms now have diaper-changing tables, and companies’ market souped-up strollers with brand names such as "the Bob." 

During the day sometimes I click on the television other than cartoons to just relax.  It is extremely hard as a dad to find shows that are for us.  The networks fill their day time spots with soap operas and  talk shows that are full of women topics.  It seems that lifetime television spreads from there network to all networks giving us Dads a run for our money to find a man show.  Our only saving grace is on demand television.  For now my honey list have filled the gap along with school work that seems to be never ending.

I recently read a blog of men tell stories of being excluded from mothers' groups and hearing of police questioning fathers seen hanging around the playground. Some have found close friends among stay-at-home mothers, while others say they don't feel comfortable with such socialization or fear their wives would disapprove.  The key is to just roll with the punches because it only get easier. 

The other day my son and daughter were playing house.  I was surprised to hear my son say “you go to work and make the money and I will stay home and clean house.”  My daughter grabbed her Barbie and placed it in her toy car making a car noise waving goodbye.  He then grabbed the fake vacuum and Ken to clean the Barbie house.  I thought to myself is that how my kids portray us?  This would never have happened when I was a little kid.  These moments make all of the difference when thinking if I am impacting my children.  My wife loves how attached they have become calling her dad on accident.  I was the bad guy and feared since I did all of the punishment but now when my daughter falls she prefers me.

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